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Resolutions Doesn’t Count Much

To begin this narrative writing on how people try to maintain a resolution during the last 3 to 4 days of the past year and try to maintain the same in the first 3 to 4 days of the new year; wishing everyone a very happy new year 2018.

So what exactly is a resolution? As per dictionary statement it is a firm resolution to do or not to do something. But the question, how often do we stick to what we say during the new year’s eve? Many of us do, but majority don’t. Just for the namesake we keep saying that a particular thing would be our new year’s resolution but as time progresses we find it difficult to do the same and then we keep on saying that at least I gave it a try and question others that did they? That’s a shame as per my thinking. If you can’t don’t question others.


Now comes the core part, sticking to it. We all understand that once a hard resolution is committed and fed to the brain, it must be undertaken. So in order to ease out everyday life, lets make simple resolutions. For eg. Right from the start of the new year I won’t be smoking; this is a very lame resolution as the habit can’t be quit so easily. Again I say, smoking is a habit. So it is beneficial to stick to simpler ones. Following are some we all can stick to in 2018.

  • I will consume more and more water for my body to function properly.
  • I support the vegan movement and will reduce meat intake.
  • Lets resolute to help the poor and the needy once a month from the money saved by not visiting many pubs and lounges.
  • I will practice yoga daily and will retain myself to waking up early morning.
  • I will cut down on high calorie foods since it leads to obesity.
  • Daily tasks in my office would be duly completed on time and say NO to procrastination.
  • YES to more of fruit intake as that adds vital vitamins and minerals to the body.
  • Travel plans every month for rejuvenating the mind and soul. A break is needed for refreshment.
  • Will cut down my daily smoking habits; in-spite of finishing a pack daily lets retain to 2 to 3. Eventually cut it down too.
  • NO more of hard drinking and binge drinking. Drinking everyday is bad for health so will drink occasionally.
Real life begins when we are ready to move out of our comfort zone.

Ain’t these too hard to achieve? Definitely not. So mere resolutions doesn’t count. One has lift himself up from the comfort hole to achieve the greatness. Unless one is lifting himself up, in this competitive world there is lesser chance to find a warm shoulder or a helping hand. One becomes what one aspires and taking a resolution is the very first step to achieve the same. This year I resolute to cut down gradually on smoking and consuming alcohol whilst at the same time achieve prosperity in my work place by keeping myself up-to-date with the deadlines.



1 thought on “Resolutions Doesn’t Count Much”

  1. Perfect sense… there’s a saying “don’t hang your hat where you can’t reach it” so making realistic resolutions makes sense… no use in trying to commit to something which at the time is unattainable… maybe as circumstances change we can resolve to do the things we may not be able to achieve now. Great post!

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