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Lessons From A Street Photographer

Photography was a hobby that I acquired from my dad, as I stated in one of my previous blogs. It always gave me that sense to express myself in a better way. Freedom of speech is what I have achieved by clicking photos of the people and places. Thus began my journey of this blog where I solely focus on people, places, and photographs. Marketing people know the 3Cs and 4Ps of marketing. Here I am introducing the 3Ps of wanderlust, that has vibrantly worked in my case. Unless there is color in your life, life is pretty much meaningless because none prefers to live in mere binary numbers.

So while discovering places and capturing people, I have realized that I have grown a sense of becoming a street photographer, in a way capturing daily objects and things that encounter on the streets. Be it while traveling to a cafe or going to hang out with friends, I just keep on capturing items and you can see that from my Instagram feed. Being the street photographer I face numerous hurdles which I believe others can quickly relate to. But, it is worth mentioning that every hurdle comes with a vital lesson.

Is always hard to get the balanced frame because of constant people movements in crowded streets like those of India. Hence it’s a divine pleasure when despite constant people movements the perfect frame to mind’s satisfaction gets clicked.

Including human elements in some particular photographs always adds value to it. Despite looking for something else to shoot, the addition of certain human elements gives the entire frame a different appeal altogether. I have faced this multiple times but never regretted after the shot. In the photograph shown below, these two men appeared all of a sudden into the frame and give it a good shot of light and shadows. All I wanted to shoot was those incoming cars and the lamps.

Patience is the key to everything; everything comes at a price. In order to shoot certain frames, you need to wait for the frame that you want to capture. The wait is worth the time you spend for that. For eg. I had to wait for almost more than 15 minutes in order to capture a frame where at least I tried to find someone looking at my camera. Finally managed to find one looking right at me and click-click-boom.

Be prepared for unwanted surprises. These come random and very frequently and one needs to develop that eye in order to capture the same. Here are some shots where unexpected things happened giving me the delight.

In the pic shown below, I wanted to capture the empty door when suddenly this man came and stared right at me.

Wanted to shoot the empty lane with the car parked and the bike, but this man!

The foremost thing is to develop the eye for everything. This is very crucial and very important. One doesn’t need a high-end camera to keep on capturing shots. The high-end camera is of no use if you don’t know where to use it rather than how to; that can be learned. People these days are coming up with stunning shots using just the cellphone camera and that is what one needs to start capturing random things happening around us, every single time. The eye is everything and keep shooting till the mind is satisfied. I remember days when from morning till dusk I was out in the streets. That gave me immense pleasure to come back home and check the entire set of photos that I have clicked. Imperfection gives way to what we define as perfect.


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