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The New Identity

We have come a long way and personally speaking I even didn’t realize it all would happen. Looking back at 2014, when I came to online space for blogging and publishing my photos, all I can say that it was an amazing ride. Lots of struggles, downturns, managing the economy for travel plans, borrowing money, figuring out the time to fit the perfect word and plenty of other things, but every effort was worth cherishing for. Today, here it stands as a story telling travel blog that has been surviving despite the harsh situation of the StoryTeller.


new logo _ final

People who go well with signs and symbols can quickly relate to the logo. It is the Valknut, a popular symbol or Nordic culture and this has been used multiple times in Norwegian and Celtic folklore and inscriptions. Valknut has been used multiple times in reference to Odin, a very strange and peculiar Nordic mythical character. The symbol has also been found on stone carvings depicting as a funerary motif depicting the afterlife. It’s the afterlife where the soul is free, free from all the shackles and boundaries when it was entrapped in the body. Freedom from every worries and stress or whatever it is, the main concept is that it’s free. That’s how traveling should be. One should travel in a way where there is complete freedom to go to places, click pictures and experience the new culture and the aura f the destination. Hence Valknut is the one which appropriately fits the vision. Needless to explain what the flying bird depicting peace is for.


ForWanderlust is going large. What started off from a personal blog isn’t a personal blog anymore. These days I am busy roping in contributors from PAN India and around the globe to share their travel stories. Focus solely lies on storytelling, stories that are genuine and experiences which are worth sharing. From active advertising to promotions, there has been an active growth of fan base from around the world, majorly India, USA, the UK and Canada. Now every step is like taking a big step. We all know the saying that Rome was not built in a day and the same applies to this also.



The very next step would be something we all dream of when it comes to budget travel. Let that be the surprise. As the admin person of ForWanderlust and being a budget traveler myself, the key to success for this blog will remain and solely be ‘budget traveling’ and ‘budget destinations’. There might be many websites or blogs that speak of luxury while traveling, but what for the common mass, who despite all financial struggles and thrifty savings, manage to travel and live it like there’s no tomorrow. ForWanderlust is the destination.

Taking one step at a time and putting tremendous effort the foundation has been laid. Now it’s time to give the dream a shape and connecting the dots. Here by dots, I mean traveler and like-minded individuals of the travel community who can go far and beyond just for the cause of traveling and experiencing ‘wanderlust’ like never before.


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