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Cigarette, Whiskey and Budget Traveling

To begin with, if you’re not a full-time job doer and traveling or photography is not your passion, you can immediately click on the cross button of your browser window, because this blog isn’t for you mate. As the author of this blog, I am sorry to put it this way, but yes, you cannot relate to the diaspora of feelings that I will be writing here. So before you stumble upon understanding my thought process, it’s always easy to take the short cut and close the window.

I work as a full-time digital marketing professional and blogging and photography is my lifeline. So it is hard for me to imagine a day where I am not reading articles, writing short stories or blogs, doing nothing with my camera or rather experimenting something related to arts and creativity. Photoshop, yes I am adept with it.

I love to play with words and that has a very high emotional attachment to me.

Photos and frames are a vital key to get me involved in any sort of work. The love for it will come automatically. Being a very less expressive person and most of the time succumbed to my own thoughts, I find alleviation through words and clicks. I am highly thankful to my parents for not stopping me from doing anything, I believe they understood what I’m made of pretty early. Parents after all.

The pivotal question that arises now is how I travel? Here’s the answer. I drink and smoke up shit to let go of the chains that bind me and closely listen to my heart. If there is the yearning for some place I am definitely heading there. What is most important to understand is that in our complex lives of tasks and ample presentations and client meetings and all those things which keep on constantly bugging you, one need to let it go loose. With the brain, trained to work on what will happen the next day and how good will the career trajectory will be, letting it lose isn’t easy and hence whiskey to the rescue. Well, vodka also works but I am not much of the transparent drink person.

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“I prefer it in the golden hue.”

Now comes another tricky situation i.e. budget traveling. I was not born to rich parents and I am earning decent so as to fill my daily needs and sudden travel plans. So in no way, I can afford to spend big bucks on luxury resorts, hotels or be it in transportation. Hostels are the thing for me. They come cheap, easy to book and services I get there is enough to meet my needs. Another thing to note is when I am traveling and high in spirit, in both mental spirit as well as distilled one, I don’t expect much from my destination. Dad taught me one thing in early childhood days, ‘when in Rome so be a Roman’. This is one thing I have been following strictly. Hence there is no way I get my elevated and soft like a bird’s feather hurt to succumb to injuries. That never happens. One thing I am skeptical about is the washroom, I am not used to the squat toilets although that is highly prevalent in India but I just hate it. Plus, there must be toilet paper which for long the hostels have provided.

Most of the time what happens whenever I roam is walking random streets and click click click and accompanying the ever clicking thought process that keeps my brain bug to keep on biting is cigarettes. I know it is not good for health and one smoke can take 20 minutes from my life but what to do with life when it has given me only lemons and no good quality strawberries. So ‘tis better to smoke up the shit, drink to the fullest, enjoy the night in a smoke filled random pub, talk to strangers, share the thoughts about traveling and life and spirituality, and lastly, live like there’s no tomorrow. This is one of the best ways to enjoy an unplanned travel. Living the experience rather than experiencing the living, if such is the motto of your life, then you can tread on my approach towards travels and lifestyle. If you feel you’re a lot into shackles and all goofed and stuffed up in your brain, gulp it down mate, light up a fag, relax and pack your bags and get out of your comfort zone to explore every place on this god forbidden planet like you are exploring for the first time. Enjoy life, it’s meant to be lived.

We all will leave someday but the question prior to leaving is, how have we lived?


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