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The Bug Keeps On Biting

I belong to a typical Indian middle-class family. My dad was a banker, who retired with due respect as a deputy manager from State Bank of India, back in 2015. As per an Indian household standard, while I was a kid, there would have been none to look after me, hence my mother stayed as a housewife. That’s my family. A happy daily 10 to 5 working dad and my mom who has the passion for cooking, reading books and everything related to our culture. I hail from the east Indian metropolitan city, Kolkata, formerly Calcutta, the capital of British India prior to Delhi and yes, I belong to the Bengali speaking community of India.

                        Growing up in Kolkata, although I prefer Calcutta, was fun 

My forefathers were basically Hindu refugees, who fled to India following the Hindu-Muslim riot that took place during the partition of Bengal in 1947 forming the new country, Bangladesh, and the Indian state West Bengal. My dad being the eldest son of the family has a lot of responsibilities on his young shoulder. So he had to leave his passion for photography and ended up being the banker, a banker for everybody he knew and everyone knew him as that honest banker. My mom, on the other hand, is very sensible and loves to pen down a lot of things, from food recipes to poems and stories. She loves to read and write as well. As a family, we were avid travelers. In every 2 years or something twice n a year there were big family vacations that as a child I enjoyed a lot. The journals are still there in my mom’s diary. The poor destiny that its share on me, turning me into a photographer and a blogger. Writing gives me that free power to express myself in a way which I cannot achieve with said words. Writing is an expression for me.

Happily living since 1989.


It all started pretty well for me. Childhood was smooth, adolescence was arrogance and slowly turned myself into a benevolent natured person in my mid-20s. Well, I am 27 now. But the change happened, it just happened when my dad gifted me the first digital point and shoot camera. It was a Sony Cybershot DSC-S700. It was a fun time. I gradually started exploring the photographer side of mine. It took roughly 3 to 4 months to master the camera. By the time I was in my graduation days, well my friends already started calling me and 2 to 3 other people as ‘photographers’. The sad part is till the timeI completed my post-graduation, among the friends I had or knew, I remained the only one who continued with the hobby of clicking photographs. The writing came later on, eventually adapted both the hobbies and marching on like a one-man army. That’s how the journey started, from family outings to ending up in solo trips, the travel bug kept biting.

                                 It all started like this

Travelling has always been an addiction for me. It’s not always about the long travel plans or outdoor locations, even in-city, I prefer traveling and clicking pictures. Perhaps, this is what makes me complete. I fell in love for the first time when I was 20, had roses in one hand and my CyberShot on the other but it turned out to be a heartbreak affair. After a series of failed relationships and neat scotch with three ice cubes, it’s the love for my camera and writing that keeps me going. In fact, to be crisp and precise, it surrounds me with that sense of freedom which is mine and no one else has any authority over it. There have been no places which fail to amuse me. I try to find out the beauty even in the simplest occasions. That’s me. Most of the times I look at places, people, monuments and simple buildings with astounding eyes and capture them all in my cell phone camera or if I am carrying my digicam, I tend to use the same. Instagram or Pinterest is not just a social media platform for me, it’s where I speak in unsaid words. It’s where I express my views and it’s where I exist.


Here’s the link to my Instagram profile

The best part about being raised in a modern high-spirited Bengali family is getting exposed to liberal thinking and developing the sense of recognizing my other self. I am highly thankful to my parents for not blocking any of my views or preventing me from doing something. No, they never did and instead kept on inspiring me in my travel blogging. Hope it sails smooth and I keep on discovering more places and bring to you the updated travel stories. Adios amigos! Cheers to life!


5 thoughts on “The Bug Keeps On Biting”

  1. I love these kind of stories and how you keep your travel and photography passions to this day. I must say your writing is inherited from your mom that she has passion for penning the words. Keep your passion going and look forward to see more of India through your lens.

    1. Thank you Julie so much for your kind words. Yes, its my mom from whom I have inherited this writing spirit. I owe my parents big time for being with me and supporting me always. So I will keep on writing and you will see India through my eyes. Well, why dont you come to India. Hospitality responsibility is all mine. Promising you this!!

    2. Your parents will be so proud of you. I really love your bridge picture that was taken in Kolkata under the sunset (I assume?), and the street shots full of people. It portrays the real India instead of just the tourism part. I always love to get to know the local culture and that street shot is perfect.

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