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Work+Travel – A Remote Life


An opportunity like this can never me missed, right?

It all started with a desire. Wise men rightfully said that unless there is an urge or a desire to do something, one cannot achieve it. The famous Hollywood flick, V for Vendetta, has a very famous dialogue, “Ideas are bulletproof”, and indeed ideas are. This is the story of the man who wanted to combine work with traveling. The idea was named, THE REMOTE LIFE and the founder Mr. Nishchal Dua.



The stone was laid on community building for connecting the like-minded individuals who are crazy about traveling and want to experience the experience. Unless experienced in a thorough manner, travel is meaningless. But what about the ones, who are die-hard travelers but just cannot because of their workplace? So comes the need for The Remote Life. It allows you to work while you’re traveling while the others have been taken care of.

  • Workplace – A place will be booked where one can work during the day. Seamless internet connectivity ensures that even during travel days, the work isn’t hampered.
  • Stay – A private apartment or villa will be booked near to the workplace, and provision of two-time meals.

Oh come on, although many other facilities are there in the list, aren’t these two the most supreme facilities that are being provided?


Mr.Nishchal said very firmly that utilizing the digital space appropriately is the key. The masterstroke that he plays is when it comes to handling customer queries.

“We are catering to customers from varied time zones, they have their queries which must be answered at that particular point in time”

The above statement clearly indicates how he is spearheading his thoughts and implementing the same in building up the community. He is effectively utilizing the social media platforms. From publishing blogs to videos and itinerary lists, The Remote Life is engaging their fans in every way possible.

It all started out from many hit and trial methods to engage the fans and finally, they are on the track. The Instagram feed is filled with various images of their travel that can make anyone’s feet itchy. The same applies to their Facebook page as well. It seems that the right formula has been applied and community building up is on the right track for Mr. Dua. Through their social presence, not only they are engaging the right kind of people but also catering to their various needs like watching a travel video, reading blogs to glancing through stunning pictures. Aren’t these the vital aspects that a travel centric person looks out for?


“Yesterday is gone. Continuous planning to do the thing that you want to do will remain in the planning phase and will never happen”

These were Mr. Dua’s inspiring words to other travelers who want to build up something in the overcrowded travel industry. What you’re thinking right now must be implemented at this point of time and he believes that losing is not failing; losing is not trying at all to do something. Stepping out of a modern glass cubicle and establishing an own community in the highly competitive travel industry is a tedious job which he has done. 

Memberships are available at a very minimal cost. For the time being, they are focusing only on South East Asia, where the countries being covered are Indonesia, Thailand, and Cambodia. You can view their travel details here:

One, who needs to travel abroad and get the taste of the blend of a good work-life-travel balance, this is the community. They have already got members from across the globe and are growing. 

Get the real taste of experiencing a holiday with The Remote Life is like


During the time of our conversation, Mr. Dua always seemed very much focused on what he wants to do to bring in a new sort of experience to travelers. A very polite man, who is not afraid to share his views that implement and show it to people, how a thing (if thought about) can be done. It was a very short conversation on the telephone, but his way of speaking about traveling somehow brought out that travel insect, which resides in my brain. The Remote Life is growing and will continue to grow, to bring the fellow travelers like us on a single platform where our work will remain unhampered and the thirst for travel will remain unending. Local food, local housing and everything that pertains to the local charm, life surely will be remote, serving a good cause, with The Remote Life.


14 thoughts on “Work+Travel – A Remote Life”

    1. It indeed is a wonderful concept that can allow anyone to spearhead in this highly competitive industry.

    1. Totally agree with you mate! Unless you have huge capital to start anything, you cannot even give a permanent shape to your dreams even.

  1. The story of Mr. Nischal Dua is truly inspiring. He has developed a brilliant idea that is changing so many lives today, especially for people like me who have an ardent passion for travelling. But at the same time, they also do not want their work to suffer in any way. The blog shows us how he has managed to put just the right ingredients together to create a great combination. I hope this expands beyond South east Asia and there are more and more people who join to become a part of it.

  2. Combining work and travelling can look like a boring task for a normal person but as Remote Life makes it enjoyable all we can say that it’s an idea which requires a perfect place to originate.As John keating in Dead poets society said-“No matter what people tell you,words and ideas can change the world”, Aye Captain!!

  3. The remote life, with its crystal clear vision and vivid direction of life. Not only provides opportunity to travel but also looks into comfort of the people. The two basic necessities of comfortable workplace and nearby accommodation makes the travel worthwhile. The growing digital space and it’s optimum utilisation is the USP of the company. The community they have created is across the globe and is growing because of their positive customer support and services.

    1. Thank you so much Poonam for your love in this article. The Remote Life is truly inspiring.

  4. This sort of an arrangement also deals with the mentality a lot of individuals like me had, one held by Hrithik Roshan’s character in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. We don’t really need to wait till we’re forty in order to look around the world. We can have the financial independence to enjoy our present and our future, without compromising one for the other.

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