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Loner By Choice

Who said that you need to be with your friends all the time? Is this true that when you are surrounded by your friends then only you can enjoy? What if the faces you recognize as your friends are something different when you’re not looking at them? This might be the most gruesome reality in my case. For long I have stayed in the company of my so called friends and those friends whom I still call my friends ( notably a few ) and I just did nothing other than partying hard, unplanned trips, alcohol addiction and smoking for long hours. I was becoming so unproductive and the creative insect that resides in my brain was gasping for breath. Hence decided to give all happening things around me a stop and preferred to stay secluded.

Well it helped me in a lot of ways. Firstly, I got to know the real people whom I used to call friends. It is always like this all across the planet that when the distance grows the true colours do show up. Dad always used to say that “when you’ll be in economic trouble you will only find your intelligence by your side”. The grave situations I went through just proved him correct and no doubt I cut down some more friends. This really helped me. My friend circle got terribly reduced and finally I could point out whom to call my real friends. Staying 1464km away from home there must be someone, at least one whom I could bank upon for help. Found a few in the process.

Secondly, I discovered that friend which resides inside me. This friend is something special as this friend keeps saying things which is appealing and which I want to do. Cutting the philosophical strings apart, I just re-discovered myself. I started to listen what my heart says and completely the heart-mind war was gone. In a way or the other I removed a lot of complexities from my life. I just became a lot more self-dependant, self-sufficient and more confident in finding rhythm of my own life.

Lastly I must say it’s not always good to be a loner. You need someone to talk to and share your feelings. Please don’t keep everyone at bay, rather chose whom to because that really helps. The creative insect in me again started to breathe and these days I am more focused in publishing my blogs, spending some quality time with my best friend which in my Canon 1200D and traveling solo. Even when I prefer to drink, I bring in the bottles and have quality time at my own place. This routine of being alone by choice somehow gives me that peace of mind which I was looking for.

So a Loner by choice really helps you if you have a passion for something or you want to re-discover yourself. In short it lets you know who you are and what you are born to do in a better manner.


6 thoughts on “Loner By Choice”

    1. Thank you for going through my blog. Since this is my real life scenario so I believe that many people would agree to it. Still opinions may vary.

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