Mentality, Social Issues

The Indian Society

There has always been a debate about what is the appearance of Indian society to the outside world. Trust me, it is nothing more of a society where male has dominated throughout and the males have taught the lesson from time to time to the women, signifying where they truly position themselves in our society. Although the year is 2015 but still the society is having a mentality that is too much orthodox. Such kind of mentality does not harness anything in our society for good, but instigates too much gender basis discrimination. Our society treats women as flowers, which if kept in the open street is wasted and if kept in the temple is worshipped. Our society treats women as the particular gender born to look after the household work and born to treat the man they are married to as God. There have been countless cases which prove this. Indian society has always been and will always be the one which is dominated by discrimination and superstition.

Come to the discrimination part. There is a lot of mentality difference to the people residing in the metro cities to the one in tier-2 or tier-3 or the rustic population. This is the difference of mentality which brings out the abuse suffered by women of the developed cities, might be from the cab driver, or just a passerby because of their dressing sense, their lifestyle or just the ultra modern mentality which contradicts the pre established social mindset.  Abuses are everywhere. Teasing, torturing and abuses, simply proves the filth the society is in and the society which just simply cannot tolerate the progress that women are making. Males have been dominating this society for long, but when it comes to career and development I purely cannot see a case where there should be any discrimination. Yet there is.  Everyone is aware of the recent BBC documentary “India’s daughter” that has been banned throughout the nation. Still I got a chance to get the documentary downloaded from the internet. The effect which the thing had on me is the outcome I am writing this blog. Seriously speaking, I am quite ashamed that I belong to be a part of this society.

So and so BBC states that in every 20minutes a girl is raped in India, while the rapes per minute is worse is many other countries, still it is quite shameful for a developing country like India. Oh wait, India has been in the developing phase for the last two decades. India is innovating which I know and I understand and I feel proud of my nation for all its achievement. But when it comes to the social standard and the discriminations I prefer to keep my mouth shut. Honestly I feel it should undergo a strict radical change which is utmost required but see no hope of achieving the so called change. The society is such that it believes in finding the loopholes of the law than by obeying the law. And speaking of the law, chuck it. If amendments are to be considered the nation revolts, the common public suffers the bruises and then it is achieved. I seriously ask myself, what the hell is this? Orthodox mindset domination is solely responsible for all this.

People here believe in idol worship and more of such non sense stuff like wearing a black band around their wrist should protect them against all the odds. People here believe in the words of the priest than implementing their own thoughts. People in this society does not love god but fear the wrath of the God. Social stigmata have played a very crucial role in this society and as far as my belief it will. People here are too much concerned what other people will think, instead of considering how their life is going to be. People here are too much orthodox as a whole. Still there are people who demand the change, there are people with a developed mentality, people who consider the change, people who feel mentality need to be mended, people who has a faith in themselves rather than others. These are the particular people who suffer all the bruises from the political workers or the orthodox people ruining the society.

This is the society which the Aryans have established keeping in mind the life factor. I properly see no signs of that in this era. The society and the culture which originated without bloodshed is writhing in blood now. Blood from all the gang rapes, the domestic abuses or simply the tears that roll out because of no more tolerate.

We as humans, let’s bring a change. Jai Hind!!


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