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The Book of Love


The book of love is fiction. this is so very true. There is nothing like do’s and dont’s in love. its just the partner, you and your relationship. I particularly find this Love Guru concept very bogus. Its you who have to decide how to go ahead in the relationship. Relationship advice and other things are so noob. If someone can get quick promotions and excel superbly in job then why cant the relationship work like the professional performance. Its the question on focus. Where the focus point lies. Agree? Recently a friend of mine had a break up and hence was surviving under troubled condition and randomly called some Love Guru and all who made his life more miserable. Hence its only the understanding between you and your partner. Love is like war where unless justified everything is very fair. So if you agree then do comment and give your views.


1 thought on “The Book of Love”

  1. Hmm. Another similar term that has been doing quite the rounds is a ‘life coach’. I never really understood what life coaches/love gurus are all about. The connotations itself sounds so fake to me. I mean what qualifications do they have? What is it that they know about life or love that we coudn’t figure out. Where did they learn their skill sets from? No two people, no two lives, or no two relationships can be compared, so what makes them the guru of the art? B#$l bajari jottoshob!

    Egulo hochche shob pseudo-intellectual, pretentious bullsh*t. Nei kono kaaj toh daylight/moonlight as a dhopbaaj. Ektu khoj nilei hoyto jana jabe teen no. bou lathi mere bhege geche. She bechari-o ar nite pareni guru-giri.

    Tor* friend ke bol eishob chere to work on himself, to do something quirky. Get tatted up, learn a new language, volunteer at an old age home. Pains, heartaches, failures are a part and parcel of life. Had those been absent, life would have become pretty much…well, vanilla.

    *Sorry if you were offended by the downright tui. I read in the other post that you were also born in ’89, that we are from the same city, only child of our parents and above all kath bangal.! Anyway amar apni-aggye ta thik poshay na. Those few handful people who really know me say that I apparently have no filter (ja ekti bongo lolona r thaka otibo aboshyok) so I usually refrain from showing my true colours (read: commenting)

    Came across your blog by chance today and I am glad that I did. Would have left quietly but you literally invited the views and comments. So tor fault! Keep up the good work though.

    And before you block me out forevaaa and delete this comment, I know my time has come and I must leave… Chollum.

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