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5 Things that People from Kolkata can only Understand

Kolkata, old name Calcutta has a definitive charm on its own. One of the metropolitan cities of India and the largest city in eastern India was the old capital of India during the British Raaj. Home to the Bengali speaking people of the nation Kolkata has its own story to tell. Birthplace of all the honorary laureates of the country like Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore, Satyajit Ray, etc. this city has its old glory, nostalgia and kindness which unless visited cannot be realized.

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   Kolkata city aerial view Image courtesy :
The second hooghly bridge has its own glamour.  Image courtsey  : espncricinfo
The second hooghly bridge has its own glamour.
Image courtesy : espncricinfo
  • The Aura of College Street

College Street is the place where you find books and plenty of books. Books both modern and grand old can be found here. Numerous stalls line down the road. But its not only a place for books. Love, romance, coffee and all intellectual and friendly gossips hone College Street. Thanks to epic old Coffee House. The pond of College Square has numerous stories to tell.

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Coffee House ground floor. It always remains crowded and filled with spirits of joy. Image courtesy :
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Makeshift book stores along the pavement. Although makeshift the collection of these stores are ready to astound you. Image courtesy :
  • Dusk and Prinsep Ghat

Princep Ghat has always been the place of lovebirds and the painters and photographers. An evening stroll down the road by the River Hooghly replenishes the mind with much positivity. Added benefit to visiting the place is the boatmen who ferries the customers at a nominal cost across the Hooghly River. Watching the sunset from the lazy boat on the river is one thing the Kolkata people cannot ignore. This place mostly flocked by the youths with all guitars and cameras adds a definitive charm.

The Hooghly Bridge
The Hooghly Bridge
  • Victoria Memorial Garden

This is one of the prominent landmarks of the city. The Victoria Memorial hall, built on memorandum of the death of Queen Victoria is a museum and a public visiting spot. The entire boundary complex comprises of five lakes. Kolkata people just cannot forget the time they spent sitting by the lakes and chit chatting old school gossips. This place also marks the prominent destination for the newly formed couples. This has always been their chosen place. Its really hard to erase the memory one acquires sitting by one of those lakes of Victoria Memorial Hall.


  • Winter and Visit to the Zoo

Kolkata people are very much fond of visiting the zoo which by far is the oldest in the country. On a wintry Sunday morning families visit the zoo. This zoo has made many childhood memories worth memorizing. Families spending quality time on the big lawns of the zoo, who can forget that. Not only Kolkata but people from the outskirts make a proper plan to visit the zoo. Such is its power to attract visitors. Simply a place that children of the 90s cannot forget.

  • Trams

There has been countless debates on whether these old trams plying the roads should be removed. But all the time they have won over the debate. Trams adds a nostalgic British era feel to the city. A tram ride along the big Maidan on any day of the 365 is remarkable. Trams, subjected to countless documentaries and nostalgia still runs through the heart of the city making the ride joyous and worthwhile.

Tram in front of Fort William
Tram in front of Fort William
Trams in College Square
Trams in College Square

** Being myself a photographer from Kolkata I have used images which I found in my collection. Kindly refer to image courtesy for the images I have used from the web.


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