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The White Cottage – The Place to Rejuvenate Your Soul

It is early November and that winter is coming. This season certainly is the best time to relax and chill. The sheer chill of the north Indian winds straight from the Himalayas and a warm cup of coffee or tea, based upon your preference, what more do you need. Oh yes story books and for the writers their laptop or just a diary. But I wish you could have done that in everyday life during the winter months. Just sit down with your tea or coffee and relax. Your work and tension exactly is the sole reason that you remain deprived of doing these which crave for. So sad!


But worry not. While you plan your winter vacation you can have all these, a perfect seclude away from the cacophony of the city and the high tourist frenzied local hill stations. The White Peaks cottage located close to the proximity of Nainital, Uttarakhand is one such place which offers you that perfect escape to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. Imagine yourself sitting on a balcony and golden early morning sunlight dripping on face. If you are a fitness guy you can also do Yoga on the cottage’s own lush green ground. Surrounding you will be the mighty Himalayas with all kinds of wild colourful flowers and chirping birds, a delight to your ears n eyes. When its winter the two rooms f the cottage got its own fireplace. So sit by the burning logs and enjoy your time. Welcome to The White Peaks cottage. It will be the perfect endeavour for your troubled soul demanding some place else some peace of mind. You can ebb all your problems from here. Imagine opening your windows from the cottage and watching the snow-capped Himalayan peaks drawing your attention from other worldly pleasures. Nature at its best. If you’re a bird watcher please don’t forget to bring your binoculars here. It will be fruitful.

IMG_0631  IMG_1403

Spring is the best season to visit this cottage followed by winter. In spring  the mountains are filled with all kinds of colours specially the red and pink burst of rhododendron and in winter you enjoy the black and white beauty of the mountains. You know what I mean by black and white. So corporate people just keep your work aside for a while and head to this place. A perfect escapade into the wilderness and serenity of the Himalayas. It won’t disappoint you. So just plan and splurge into making a trip to The White Peaks cottage. Happy time and fun time for the relaxation of your minds awaits there.

IMG_1636  IMG_1545

For Bookings- mail us at contactwhitepeaks@gmail.com
Call us at 9810050514 or 9810053380

Address : The White Peaks, Mukta Niwas, Post Office Gagar, Village Gagar,

Dist. Nainital, Uttrakhand, Pin-263132


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