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For Wanderlust

There are various kinds of people in this planet. Some love to explore, some love to create while there are many who loves and finds beauty in destruction. There are people who loves thrill, people who accepts challenges and finds the thrill in it. Some kinda people love to dare and there are people who love to care. Yes these are the characteristics which describe us. Thats what makes us unique isn’t it? Lastly there are people like me who are easilly bored.


I had a Turkish friend by the name Özge Ostaći. Well our friendship did not last long because we got easilly bored of one another. I remember she once said “I always fear my nature. What will happen to me?” Even I do sometimes fear it. I find things around me boring every passing day. Sometimes I try to get the thrill in it but that too lasts for a short span of time. Once I was smoking sitting by the window on a rainy night. I was focusing on how the smoke rose above and slowly got vanished in the swittly flowing air. Yeah I was noticing that intensely. Yeah men and their weird thinking. But I got bored of smoking my Marlboro. Got exhausted and started playing Prince of Persia on my desktop untill I fell asleep on the sofa. Next day I thought about it and a chill ran down my spine. Might be I was thinking about my future. I get bored and hence my vagus nerve gets easilly activated and repeated yawning is the ultimate conclusion of the scenario.

People say that social media is fun and working as a social media manger manager is damn exciting. Bring those people who says so in front of me. This is boring man. And the remedy for this boredom is venturing out to unknown places in an unplanned manner. Meeting new people, exploring new cultures and capturing the diversity of our planet on my lens…that gives me the thrill. I have discovered several remedies for  myself only. One of them is my photographic instinct. Ready to explore new things and preparing myself to venture out in zones and avenues I have not travelled before. Hence a travel blogging thing is running at the back of my mind. And see the WANDERLUST thing so boldly speaks that I am not bored by it.


Someone rightfully said once a will there is a way. I did that. Are you like me? Anything that you want to change in you because its troubling you? Follow my path if you want to. Travel alone and discover your inner soul. Once you discover the friend inside you, you will never walk alone.


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