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A cuckoo lays eggs in a crow’s nest. The crow hatches the eggs and finally the cuckoo flies away. So did he. He ran away to fight against the odds and then he chose his destiny. The child ran away from home into the wilderness of the city chaos and also into the fraudulent modern society just to achieve his dream. He didn’t know what he was going to face yet he took the step ahead that we dream of but dare not to take it. He dared to take the ‘road less taken’. He struggled to survive to achieve his dream. In childhood days he dreamt of travelling from places to places. This was his dream. A very simple dream.

C.S.Lewis said “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

I don’t know whether he has heard about this quote or not. But the child did set his goal or his dream at a very young age.Now he is successful in his profession.He achieved his dream.He dreamt of traveling places.Now not only does he travel but also clicks the pictures.And these pictures are just marvelous.

Yes, you’re right.He is a photographer now.That runaway kid became a photographer.You may say it was his luck that he is such now.He could have been in terrorism too or simply a misanthropic.I agree.But it was his zeal to set foot on the steps of achieving his dream.He deserves to be praised for that.

He has seen the ugliest faces of our society.His own parents sent him to his grandparents home only to learn work because he was born in an impoverished family.A child 7 or might be 8 years old washing clothes or toiling.This was the society where he was.He ranaway.Never knew what is going to happen.A child’s mind is full of fresh thoughts.They implement it quickly unlike the old ones who deceide and think what they are thinking.He was only 11yrs old that time.

His destiny landed himself in New Delhi.”same group of people will always be found together”. The children who stay in the platforms quickly identified him and he became a rag picker.For almost a year he did this.He was getting away from his dream.But he got rescued. SALAM BALAK TRUST(SBT) an NGO working on street children rescued him.There he got education and other facilities that he had never enjoyed before.


He learnt photography from a foreign photographer.He was simply his assist in capturing Old Delhi.It was this phase of his life when he got addicted to the camera.Exposure,Aperture,Resolution,Light sensitivity these terms got attached to him like his soul.He enrolled himself in Triveni Kala Sangam where he got the phhotography course.Then he worked for 3years as an assistant under a delhi based photographer.The sun shone upon him and he excelled in hotography.

This kid became one of the four members being selected from all over the world to capture the reconstruction of World Trade Centre.Even he got the oppurtunity to dine with Prince Charles in Buckinham Palace,England.He held his solo exhibition in Delhi before leaving which was a big success.His father was there to attend the exhibition.


Since he has seen the street life of developing India so closely so most of his photos revolve around the sensitivity of the street or the working class.These photos have a definitive charm in them that the viewers cant ignore.Being part of the Blogging team of IILM gurgaon I was there to attend the TEDx event.I was pledged to join that not only because i was able to see him face to face and but also to catch a glimpse of some of his priceless captures.

I haven’t yet disclosed his name.He is no one other than Vicky Roy.He sets before us a true example of resilience,courage and proper guidance or mentorship.They say IF YOU HAVE THE WILL YOU HAVE THE WAY.This child had the will but set forth to achieve his ways.



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