noun: wanderlust

a strong desire to travel.

“a man consumed by wanderlust”
Welcome to the Destination of Wanderlust! Here there will be stories both long and short to amuse you, travel journals to let you discover various places in India and lots of photos that can drive your instinct to make that travel plan to the place at that particular instant. Long things cut short, this is the place for the avid travelers.

Born in Kolkata, India, the city threw multiple challenges at me and finally made me the wanderer that I am today. I am an ethnic person of the Bengali speaking community who has an outburst of adrenaline when I hear the word ‘travel’.

Due to the profound love for architecture and love, the historical places have always sparked that special interest in me. When it comes to photography, capturing those architectural wonders of historical importance is immensely pleasurable for my ever thirsty heart.

Coming to eateries, well, I have nothing more to say than that’s where most of my money goes.


Image by the FoodGrapher.

So, ready to join the tide to ride high in the everlasting desire to travel, eat, sleep repeat with me?

Help spread the love. The new art of travel storytelling is here.